Discuss and provide and example of how the use of electronic health information can be used to support

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Electronic Health Information

This is a two part discussion board. 1st: 300-400 words utilizing 3 professional or scholarly journals/references no older than 5 years. Keep wording simple. Once source should be Leading and Managing in Nursing (Yoder-Wise, 2015). Make sure if you cite a source, it is actually used in the context. The instructor will check it! No plagerism Answer the following: Meaningful use (MU) is the set of standards defined by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Incentive Programs that governs the use of EHRs and allows eligible providers and hospitals to earn incentive payments by meeting specific criteria. Select one of the criteria for meaningful use of EHR and describe how implementation of that criteria will improve patient outcomes. 2nd: Reply to peer discussion board. I am replying to a post. Again, utilize 3 professional or scholarly sources no more than 5 years old. No plagerism. Use simple terms. Make sure if you cite a source, it is actually used in the context. The instructor will check it! Here is what you are replying to: Discuss and provide and example of how the use of electronic health information can be used to support: a. Evidence based practice b. Genomics c. Quality improvement d. Personal health information Providing resources especially in managing disease process is important when they live at home. In studies conducted related to chemotherapy, education triage was over phone. Personal contact through conferencing provided services that was beneficial not only to the patient but family. Technology today through internet for some may be more personalized that sharing information through computer. I believe it should be matter of performance for that individual receiving treatment. Managing care and treatment through health information has many benefits not only for the healthcare team, providers, but for the patient to have that is readily accessible. Communication for patients with terminal cancer can now readily obtain information through healthcare information to manage health and make changes in daily events such as changes occur. a. Nursing roles have extended and has many responsibilities including having knowledge on how to conduct research and to conduct analysis. It is important to understand the new studies and advancement to new medications. The complexity of trial medications and adverse effects is important when administering medication such as Chemo agents Avastin. As improvements with medications is being research in combination with other drugs, it is important to monitor specific complications that can cause complications vacations of neuropathy that may mimic chest pain. b. Many genetic studies are conducted through oncology clinics that are being researched. One particular study conducted is for Lynch syndrome used to conduct study to tract traits. Once familial history is document and genetic lab testing is conducted by the patient has been diagnosed and also can review plan of treatment accordingly. The study can also used to reveal those in family who are have high risks. Health information and ongoing data collection is used to exchange continuous to keep up dated communication between physicians, clinicians, laboratories and providers including the patient. c. Quality management is essential due to providers constantly requesting updates for obtaining information in order approve further treatment in order to coordinate and plan accordingly. Coordination of care through providers and payers and important to provide the patient with options regarding care either with treatment plan or scheduled procedures. d. Personal health information is important to access for emergency and to keep information update in the event of urgent care is required or if case management is needed to retrieve information to keep information accessible for payers. It is important to have continue update schedule treatments. It is important that the team coordinate plans throughout healthcare institutions and managing care according to patients needs. I need a good grade. Again, the first is an original post and the 2nd is a reply to a student post. Watch for grammar and citation errors. I get counted off for it.
Electronic Health Information Name Course Instructor Date Meaningful use (MU) criteria and EHR The first stage of the meaningful use criteria is data capture and sharing, where hospitals use of EHRs and IT technology to improve patient and hospital outcomes. The case for data capture and sharing is that it is the basis for implementing the EHR system is that it allows the clinicians to have a meaningful use of the system to set the stage for expansion of the functionalities in future stages. Data standards in health information technology have been suggested to improve the sharing and transfer of patient data among different hospital departments (Yoder-Wise, 2015). An effective EHR system allows the health practitioners to rely on alert systems, problem lists and the progress notes to make decisions about patient intervention. The goal of innovative data sharing is to improve the quality of care, and when the health workers have secure access to patient information any time they require they are well placed to intervene as they are fully informed about patient progress. IT tools that a...

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