does it ask for all the pertinent to the data, are there default values-are these user changeable, and are the outputs valuable for your company/client?

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EA-QUIP vs TREAT 3.2.5

A compare and contrast evaluation of 2 software programs of similar type/classification: EA-QUIP and TREAT 3.2.5 The same real-time data set should be used in both pieces of software. Each package shall be evaluated for considerations such as: it`s user friendliness, interface, ease of learning vs. ability to be used for more sophisticated analyses in the future, match to the task at hand, does it ask for all the pertinent to the data, are there default values-are these user changeable, and are the outputs valuable for your company/client? These factors will then be compared to the same set of criteria for the second piece of software. Additionally, if the results from the 2 packages vary, explanations, such as different data were requested or defaults employed, should be sought. Finally, a recommendation should be made as to which piece of software might be best for what types of applications. The report shall present a background of the problem/situation to be addressed, details on why he the packages/application has been chosen, a description of the process (of working with the software, or developing the application), printouts of significant screens as well as outputs, and a conclusion defining your results.
EA-QUIP versus TREAT 3.2.5NameGrade Course:Tutor`s Name:(May 15, 2012)EA-QUIP versus TREAT 3.2.5Abbreviations/DefinitionsTREAT – Targeted Residential Energy Analysis Tools.EA-QUIP - Energy Audit using the Queens Information Package.TREAT is invented software intended for supporting programs for weatherization, energy auditors and constructing performance contractors. It is an all-inclusive energy analysis device which enables programs for weatherization to offer new foundations of worth to their clientele, with augmented program competence. This tool also enables auditors of Home Energy and contractors to: achieve fast and precise outcome, work out energy reserves for entity upgrading or pulling developments to interactive packages together, making models easily and faster by constructing element libraries, choose enhancements from libraries, sum up advancements to packages and by design computes benefits and SIR. The TREAT software program project is being funded by the Energy Research and Development Authority (NYERDA) in New York as a component of their initiative in constructing a Performance Market.It incorporates the analysis of fuel receipt, data for weather and putting together information for modeling to a database setting. It enables programs for energy effectiveness to economically follow up the reserves of constructions they take care of, in relation to the investments that they forecast for those structures. TREAT is premeditated to maintain the employment of Total Quality Management (TQM) methods. It was the foremost to put together room by room analysis of heat failure with an up to date hourly energy form which was created by the Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Lab in the United States, NREL. By merging these two paraphernalia, the capability of contractors offering full house energy reserves packages to consumers is greater than before. It is in addition commended by DOE in the United States that it can be used in programs of Weatherization Assistance.TREAT deals with and resolves issues of wellbeing and safety that determines the quality of living of clients hence this can as a result be a motivator for the sales made by contractors and it would be worth to note. TREAT software consists of a wide-ranging incorporated library of structure components for rapid assortment of obtainable and enhanced construction apparatus. TREAT as well enables consumers to work out presented utilization of electrical energy that is as a result of lighting, machines and choose replacements.  The constituent libraries draw much attention to the electrical device applications and the lighting at ENERGY STAR®. TREAT is continually being enhanced to develop the capabilities of the software program and eases its use, CITATION TRE03 l 1033 (TREAT, 2002 - 2003).Output Type Report (ROT) is laid down as a Static Image in Demo form and it has a watermark athwart the page. The quality of the image in Demo form Static descriptions ...

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