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The intention of this seminar is to get you started with your research on your allocated poster topic for assignment 1. The quality of your poster will be defined by the quality of the information you research, therefore it is essential to obtain high quality information. Please consider the instructions from the lecture on library resources. 

1. Search for sources of information on your topic, i.e. books, journal articles etc. Some topics will have more and others less information available. In some cases it might be useful to look for information in related disciplines. 

2. Search the resources you found for answers to the following questions: 
‐ WHAT does the concept, system or product do? 
‐ HOW does it work, and how does it integrate with other systems and contextual requirements? 
‐ WHY is it useful / better than a conventional solution? 
‐ WHAT are potential disadvantages or constraints? 

3. Think about the visual representation of the topic in an A1 poster. What can be better conveyed visually and what orally? How can clarity be achieved? How can you avoid a lot of text? 

4. Make a sketch of your visual organisation of the poster. Is the poster supposed to be read from left to right, from top to bottom, or does it follow another sequence that is clearly articulated in the poster? 

5. What is a meaningful hero statement / title for the poster?

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions