Ethics, Sustainability and Governance

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Coursework Assignment

You are required to choose an organisation that has been involved in corporate failure at board level. You are required to critically discuss from an ethical and corporate governance perspective the key failings in the organisation that lead to such an event occurring. Your essay must include obvious links to academic literature and ethical and corporate governance theories.

The essay should be well-presented, should contain a well-informed critical analysis, and should show a good standard of academic referencing.

This essay should be 2500 words in length (+/- 10%)

Due date:  Monday 8th January, 2024, 5pm.


All students must submit an electronic copy in word format (NOT PDF) via GCU LEARN and Turnitin UK along with your reference list. Please note toward the hand in date turnitin will be really busy so do not leave your test turnitin until the last moment, you can only submit to test turnitin once every 24 hours.  Click the ‘Assignments’ tab on the control panel on the GCU Learn screen for the Module to find the turnitin submission section.


NOTE: Students must only use the turnitin test facility on this module for the EGRL assignment, if students are found to be submitting their case study to other modules test turnitin then they will automatically fail the assignment.

The approach to the essay


Students should demonstrate the breadth of their reading in their essays with reference to original peer-reviewed academic articles, additional to those journal articles covered in the class (marks will be deducted where this is not demonstrated). There will also be a need to include media and company reports. Marks will be awarded for the clarity of argument and quality of presentation as well as technical content.


Format of the course work

The essay should be submitted online only.  Text should be double spaced except for indented quotations which should be single spaced.  Font – Calibri (Body) 12pt.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions