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Week 6 - Participation Activity 3 (8 marks)

This assessment activity must be completed and submitted during the class in week 6. Any students who cannot attend their workshop (in-class or online as scheduled by your local lecturer) will receive zero (0) marks. Please note that work or family commitments will not be an acceptable reason for being late or missing the class.


By now you should have started organising your ideas and arguments for the Report (Assessment item 3). To ensure that you submit the best Report possible it is important that you seek constructive feedback from your local lecturer. PA3 requires you to demonstrate your understanding of the report case study requirements and the type of information you need to gather through the research process. This will be marked and returned to you in time for you to use the feedback to improve your Report.

You must not use any pre-prepared materials for this assessment as that will breach the requirements for an in-class assessment. Your local lecturer will provide further details. You will be provided a template to complete the assessment.

  1. In approximately 100-150 words, explain the organisation and the problem given in the report case study. In addition to the details provided in the case study (see Report Assessment Specification)you may need to make relevant assumptions about the organisation. Those assumptions must support the report tasks and must not contradict the details given in the case study.
  2. What is the main purpose for writing this report, and what are the key tasks to be explored in the report? Explain in approximately 100-150 words.
  3. In week 5, the ALC session will include finding academic references to be used in the report. Duringthat session you will be given two references.Youare expected to read and understand the contents of those references before coming to the Week 6 workshop. This part of the activity will require you to review those references using the Triple R framework. During the Week 6 class you will be provided a template to complete the assessment.
  4. Paraphrase a short paragraph relating to the technology covered in the Report requirements. Your lecturer will provide the reading required to be paraphrased. The paragraph should be structured according to the framework covered in ALC sessions.

PA3must relate to the case study described in the Report Assessment Specification (Assessment 3). That is, your submission needs to be specific to the case study provided in that assessment’s requirements.

Marking Criteria

  • Description of organisation and its problem identified in the case study (1 mark).
  • Appropriate statements about the aim/purpose of your report, and the key issues to be explored. Must relate to the case study (1 mark).
  • Review the two references as set out in point 3 of requirements above(4 marks).
  • Paraphrase a paragraph as set out in point 4 of requirements above (2 marks).

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions