explain what you learned about the new drug development and approval process.

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Food and Drug Administration Coursework Assignment


Web Field Trip


For this assignment, you will visit various websites to learn more about the FDA and then answer the questions below for each trip to provide some information about what you learned on each trip.



Trip #1


Review the following websites (some links on the site may have their own additional links to explore) and one of the links is to a training video:


  • Milestones in U.S. Food and Drug Law History



  • Drug Review and Related Activities in the United States video



  • New Drug Development Process-



  • Investigational New Drug (IND) Review Process-




  • New Drug Application (NDA) Review Process-




In a paragraph or two, explain what you learned about the history and development of drug and medical product regulation and the FDA and include in your explanation something you found interesting.


Also explain what you learned about the new drug development and approval process.








Trip #2


Review the following websites (some links on the site may have their own additional links to explore):


  • Post-Marketing Surveillance




  • Prescription Drug Advertising and Promotional Labeling





Explain in a paragraph or two what you learned about CDER’s post-approval activities.

Trip #3


Go to this website:


  • DER Prescription drug approvals



The site provides an alphabetical index of approved prescription drugs. Find a drug that has been approved and click on the links on the page about the drug to review the approval history and the label for the drug.


Note you will have to find a drug with the label information available online to answer this question (there are some approved drugs on the site where the label info is not online).


Review the information in the label for possible side-effects or adverse reactions. Do you think the label provides an adequate warning for physicians or consumer so that they will be aware of potential dangers of the drug? Explain why or why not.


Food and Drug Administration Students Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date Introduction TRIP #1 The Food and Drug Administration remain to be the oldest agency in the U.S that is concerned with consumer protection comprehensively. It began way back in the around 1848 when Lewis Caleb Beck was appointed to conduct a chemical analysis of agricultural products this department was inherited by the new Department of Agriculture in 1862. (Administration, 2005) It was not initially known by its present until 1930. The modern FDA`s regulatory functions started when the pure food and drug act was passed in 1906 which did not allow interstate commerce in adulterated foods as well as misbranded drugs. The people who have been on the forefront to ensure that this law is enforced are the likes of Washington Wile, the chief chemist of the Bureau of Chemistry in that particular division of Agriculture. The most interesting bit about this history is that the consumer of food and drugs never knew that they needed protection, and therefore there was a need for someone to provide basic elements of this protection that was unknown to them (Contributor, 2016). Medical review is basically for


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