Further Research Methods Quantitative Practical Report

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For this assignment you will conduct correlation AND multiple regression on a data file provided to you.  You must conduct multiple regression otherwise you will fail the assignment. 

You must NOT collect any data independently and use only the data provided to you, otherwise you will be committing academic misconduct. 


The file consists of psychometric data, which is data calculated from psychometric (questionnaire) measures whereby someone answers a series of questions on a Likert scale.  The data will be collected in the first seminar from a questionnaire that FRM students will complete.


You will be expected to:

1)      Identify and provide a rationale for your research question which you choose from the data available.  This equates to identifying a research question and conducting a literature review on the respective topic.  You present the rationale as your Introduction in the report.

2)      Your research question must be set up to reflect a multiple regression model.  This means that you select three constructs (variables).  Two of these must be predictor variables and the other one, your outcome/criterion variable.

3)      You must present your hypotheses for your multiple regression at the end of your Introduction.

4)      You must provide a clear Method section as part of your report that covers the respective subsections (e.g., Design, Participants and Procedure, Materials/Measures, Ethics Statement).

5)      You must report the statistics in a Results section.  In this order, these are your Descriptive Statistics (means and SDs and reliability statistics) and then your Inferential Statistics (correlations and multiple regression).

6)      You must then explain your findings from a psychological perspective in your Discussion section.

7)      Your report must adhere to the conventional structure of a scientific report that consists of a Title, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results and Discussion.


There is a document call “Assignment Writing Guide” on Blackboard that provides in depth guidance on how to write the assignment, including a checklist.


Please ONLY include your SPSS Output file in the Appendices.  This is to demonstrate that you have conducted the analyses.  Please do not provide photographs of your computer screen showing your working.  We need to be able to easily view the output. 

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions