Global University E-learning SWOT Analysis Coursework

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Global University E-learning SWOT Analysis Coursework


E Commerce First Assignment

Global University is a thriving institution with a very distinct identity and clear strategic plan. Part of its strategy has been to develop and increase the number of international students who choose to come to the UK and study at GlobalU. Currently the University offers a range of courses at UG and PG level and recruits students from a number of countries, including India, China, Malaysia, etc. who come to the UK to study and complete their degrees. The University is considering extending and growing its International numbers by offering more courses to be delivered to overseas students in distance learning mode. This alternative channel has the basis for increasing the number of International students choosing to study at GlobalU and for increasing the number of countries that they could market their courses to, thus providing the potential for significant extra revenue and also increasing awareness of GlobalU in the global marketplace.

This assignment is in several parts and will require you to undertake research, use and apply the knowledge that you have gained on the course and your own personal knowledge and experience.

Part 1

In your role as an external consultant to the University you have been asked to undertake a SWOT analysis for the Universities proposal to offer more courses to overseas students through distance learning.  Your analysis needs to be detailed and will require you to research the DL marketplace, examine what the University currently offers, what its resources are etc. You need to then create and provide a SWOT diagram based on your analysis.

Then based on this analysis, write a short 300 -500 (max) report that includes a summary of your findings and a list of any specific recommendations that you have. These recommendations are likely to include how any weaknesses or threats identified in the SWOT analysis can be overcome. 










E- Commerce Assignment

Global University is a world-class institution that has been recognized for exceptional performance throughout the world and is based in the United Kingdom. It has been attracting international students from countries such as China, Malaysia, and India among others. However, as part of its strategic plan in expanding and growing its international student numbers, Global University has resorted to distance learning program for international students. Through this program, students at overseas countries would be able to enrol in various courses from the university and learn and accomplish their studies from their homeland through online resources. Nevert


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