-Identify an important managerial challenge

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Complexity in information technology

-Identify an important managerial challenge -(the increse of the complexity of Information Technology changing rapidly) facing your work organization. -decide how to address it. "(I chose the increse of the complexity of Information Technology changing rapidly)" -develop a plan that integrates project management, operations management, and information management to successfully meet this challenge and improve organizational performance. -An executive summary must also be provided.
Running head: Complexity in information technologyName:Course:Institution:Date of submission:THE INCREASE OF THE COMPLEXITY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CHANGING RAPIDLYEXECUTIVE SUMMARYIn business jargon information technology (IT) refers to the applied computer systems both hardware and software, oftenly including networking and telecommunications, usually used to create ,store, exchange and utilize information in various form concerning a certain business. With the rapid change in information technology there is thus the need for management of information systems. These management information systems are used to analyze and manage data created and established within the structure of a particular business enterprise.The systems are able to store the data and ensure the smooth operation of the business by analyzing and compiling the data through the applications of soft wares. Analysis and reports established from the information systems are very vital as they assist the managers in planning, directing and making viable decisions. Due to the sensitivity of the topic for discussion there is need for proper information management for any business as they gather information in the form of daily sales figures, proposals, time cards and even invoices. With the proper information there is a clear provision for a business insight into their operations, unearth ideas that feed strategic planning and create a platform for decision making. Hence the process of gathering the information requires a consistent and well established structure in order to attain useful information. This requires a system that supports the business model from where the information is sourced.PLAN DEVELOPMENT TO ENCOUNTER THE CHALLENGESIntroductionWith the complexities in information technology there has been rapid changes that need to be addressed and counter checked with speed. Failure to do so may result to poor operation of any business as most businesses will solely rely on the available information for operations. This leaves most businesses with no choice but just to embrace the rapid changes in information technology in order to avoid inconveniences like hacking of secret information from a particular department.PROJECT MANAGEMENTThis refers to the proper organization and monitoring of the measures put in place to ensure smooth operation of a particular program put in place. The major problem with the management of the project has been due to complexities in information technology as the systems keep on changing every time. For example the systems for information storage has kept on changing rapidly from the diskettes, compact disks, data video disks, flash disks to data bundles. With this regard it is very essential for managers to be conversant with all the information so as not lack behind and be unable to make right and reliable decisions.Bearing in mind that change is inevitable and during this 21st century many innovations are yet to be observed t...

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