include a breakdown of the PICO or PICo that you have used to create your research question.

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1] Clearly and succinctly summarize the research topic in your own healthcare area that you want to address and justify why research is useful for addressing the clinical problem (100-150 words)

[2] Develops an appropriate research question using the PICO or PICo framework and explains which model was selected and why (100-150 words)

[3] Discuss the most suitable forms of evidence (e.g., evidence from qualitative study, evidence from randomized control trials, or evidence from systematic reviews) to answer the research question you proposed and justify why with references support (200- 300 words)

Please note: 

References (APA 7th reference) should be within last 10 years should be included, from 2013 and onward. 

 Your reference list is not included in the word count 

 1st person is acceptable in the discussion board assessment 

Please reference all your claims – including in the evaluation section, if necessary. If you are including information from a journal article/textbook etc. then you must reference it. 

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions