Is it dependent or independent?

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Law BBS Assignment #1: JCAHO as an Independent Agency


Administrative Law BBS Assignment #1

Administrative Law and Practice 9 Administrative Procedure and Practice: Problems and Cases Yes APAP:PAC Funk, Shapiro & Weaver 5th -- West Group

Find a federal department or agency that interests you and answer the following questions about it:

1) Is it dependent or independent?  See pages 6-12 of the casebook and the reading materials in Module 2 of the syllabus for some information about this topic. Explain how you know whether your department or agency is dependent or independent.

2) What is the agency’s mission and what does the agency do?

3) Does the agency have the authority to make regulations, or adjudicate claims, or enforce laws, or investigate?  If so, provide a brief explanation of the authority and the citation to the statute that provides the agency with that authority.

4) Find one current event or one example of the agency using its authority to do something. Explain what happened, what the agency did, where the agency obtained the authority to take the action it took, and what you think about what the agency did.

If you copy or rely upon information about the agency from a source in your answer (such as the agency or department’s website, a newspaper article, etc), be sure to cite to that source in your answer.

Your answer should be about three pages long, double spaced with a font sized of 12.





Independent Agency: JCAHO Name: Institutional Affiliation: Independent Agency: JCAHO 1. JCAHO as an independent agency JCAHO is an ellipsis that stand for Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Tracing its establishment in 1952, it is the largest and the oldest healthcare accrediting body that sets healthcare standards in the US. The total number of healthcare amenities and programs that are evaluated and accredited by JCAHO is 21, 000 within the US (JCAHO, 2016). The aim of the agency is to assess the healthcare facilities to ensure that they meet set standards that assure the provision of effective, safe and high quality healthcare services to the public. The JCAHO accreditation is not a mandatory requirement for any health organization, but JCAHO-accredited health facilities attain a good public image on the successful implementation of a set of established quality control health care standards. JCAHO is a non-profit and independent body whose stakeholders comprises of private sector individuals who sets


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