Legal and Technical Report Writing and Presentation

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Legal and Technical Report Writing and Presentation (ITDI373-1501A-01)
Unit 4 Discussion Board
Deliverable Length: 4-6 paragraphs
Assignment Details
A proposal has been accepted by the management, and the project launch was successful.
Choose an appropriate communication format, and in your own words, answer the following question about communication for your Discussion Board post:
• What strategies should be used in the client presentation?
• Discuss the delivery methods you would use during the client presentation

Sample Paper

Making a presentation is an essential step in communicating aspects, which one hopes to address especially to a client. A good presentation always wins the confidence of the clients and encourages them to work with more honesty and respect. It also enables an individual to attain a positive image that reflects on how thorough they are in performing their tasks. This paper will seek to offer insight on some of the strategies that a company can adopt in making presentation to clients. The paper will also elaborate that there are specific methods that one can use in delivering their presentation and assure they have communicated all the aspects as required.

The aim of the strategies is to fashion the methods and all other communication aspects that will take place in the presentation. The first strategy would be to adopt a norm and to learn the traditions of the client. Some clients prefer to learn about the statistics first or to know something that interests them to allow them identify the problems they may be going through. A presentation on procedure manuals would require noting why manual are essential by noting interesting facts such as the failure of the companies that did not use these manuals in communicating their products (Hopkins, 2001).

The second strategy to adopt while making a presentation is to focus on the timeline that one needs. Time is an essential factor, and no company would want to spend so many hours hearing what they already know. Therefore, a summary that details all the crucial factors would be essential, as it will allow the client recognize the diligence and respect for the available resources such as time. One way that an individual can achieve this is by assuring the client of the time they need and delivering the project within the set limit. That way, one assures the client that they can use the project resources feasibly while being thorough.

Another aspect to look out for would be to familiarize oneself with all the concepts of the presentation so that they do not have to read or keep referring back to the books or handouts. Proper familiarity assures the client that you have done your job well and could have exhausted all the existing gaps. Summed up to this would be to use direct cases and examples the clients can relate to easily. For example, one can note how the manuals began by offering an interesting story that clear connects to how they began being applied (Wempen, 2013).

The method adopted in making the presentation would also be an essential component that complements all the other strategies. Several methods can be used in making a presentation especially for the case of procedure manual preparation. The most notable one would be to use PowerPoint presentations since they allow one to set gaps, establish trends, make a comparison, and sum up all other aspects in slides. PowerPoint presentations are also very accommodative of visual images and auto plays that show varied topics that one would like to address (Wempen, 2013).

According to Gerber (2008), another method would be to use physical demonstrations in a way that sets a precedent or in a way that makes it possible for the client to understand. A good demonstration always aims to balance between easy and hard. It also allows the client to follow systematically since they could also be asked question that can reveal much more to them about the project.

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