Literature Review Assignment: Theft And The Punishment

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Literature Review Assignment: Theft And The Punishment


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Theft and Punishment



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Theft And Punishment

Punishment for theft aims at deterring member of the community from engaging in the vice. There are several factors that determine the severity of the punishment, and they include whether the offender is a first timer or a repeat offender. Often, the latter party receives a harsher punishment that the earlier. The punishment ranges from small fines for the beginners and a long jail term for repeat offenders. The value of the stolen item also determines the punishment that the thief gets while the history of the offender also contributes significantly to the sentencing. Nevertheless, a first-time offender receives a lenient punishment in comparison to a second time offender who carries out a theft of the same nature. A question arises as to the impact of the lenient punishment of the first-time thieves. It seems that this lot is out to try a new way of making money. This is not the best option for making money even if all other means results in a failure. Punishment to the first-offenders should be strong enough to send a clear message to those who might think of engaging in theft. Therefore, it is outright that lenient punishment for first-time thieves encourages the members of the society to engage in the vice.

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Sometimes the law creates an opportunity for the low-scale offenders ...

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