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Marking criteria for Final ProjectReport

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This document presents the marking criteria for the final submission of the Java project for the course of CSC8416.  The marking criteria will be generally divided in two parts, the 1) report related criteria and 2) project (system) related criteria.

The assessment items in each category of criteria are given in the table below. Please note that the assessment for each marking criteria will be divided into five grades, Poor, Fair, Adequate, Very Good, and Excellent, which carry respectively 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100% of the respective marking criterion.  There are no correct/wrong answers in our marking philosophy. We are looking at how well each criterion is fulfilled. Many students might obtain Adequate or Very Good for a particular marking criterion, but it would be not that easy to get and Excellent grade.


Please note that boxes will be unticked during the marking process to indicate missing criteria.


Report related criteria




☒The submission is complete

☒includes all required items as per instructions in the all assignment specifications and student proposal of the system

☒ demonstration video was included and working as required


Report related criteria




The final report is

☒clearly and professionally written and

☒easy to understand

The final report provides very detailed information about the

☒ background


☒System architecture

☒Java classes


☒use of instructions and lessons

As required by the instructions in the assignment specifications.

Alternative project

☒all required features were implemented as stated in the proposal in accordance with the requirements


Report related criteria




The video clip

☒ is made professionally with quality

☒in visual and

☒voice presentation

clearly shows that the system is

☒ fully functional and

☒ consistent with the proposal

☒ provides detailed description for each major feature/function of the system

☒ as expected, the video clip should cover every possible interface that is involved in your system


Project (system) related criteria




The system interface is

☒ professionally designed and

☒ user-friendly


Project (system) related criteria




The functions that the system provides are

☒ rich and

☒ match the expectations for a project in the postgraduate level

The advanced functions that may give you extra points include

☒ database connections

☒ interesting visualization

☒ interesting interaction

☒ advanced application specific analytics and

☒ advanced recommendations


Total % (Percentage)



Total Marks




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