NA5107 Summative Assessment

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Patient and Scenario Information


Ivy Rivers

Age/ DOB

77 years / DOB 1ST September 1946


70kg / 170cm



Scenario Setting

3 days ago, whilst gardening, Ivy was bitten by an insect on her left ankle. Over the last two days the ankle has become red, hot and swollen and she has felt generally unwell; she has lost her appetite and has only been taking sips of water in the last 24 hours. Ivy’s daughter has become concerned as Ivy is now hot to touch, ‘is not herself’ and is appearing confused. Ivy’s GP has assessed her at home but has referred Ivy to the medical team at the local hospital for further assessment. Paramedics have brought Ivy to the Acute medical unit (bypassing ACE). Nursing students have been asked to carry out

the initial assessment.

Patient Information

Past medical History:

Hypertension – prescribed Ramipril Non-Smoker

No Known Drug Allergies


Social History:

Ivy lives with her daughter and grandchildren but lives independently in an annexe attached to the property.

Ivy drives and volunteers at a local charity shop two days a week.

Price: £120

100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions