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In this assignment you are required to answer the following three (3) questions. Write your response between 400-500 words for each of these questions. All questions are of equal value (5%).

Question1. Use the professional ethics perspective to analyse the ethical issue(s) involved in the following case.

New Australian national security laws will permit hacking by its intelligence agencies and approve the retention of personal web and phone metadata. This will break new ground around the world and raise significant privacy concerns, privacy groups have warned.

Question2. Analyse ethical dilemma in the following case using the Australian Computer Society (ACS) Code of Professional Conduct and make recommendations with reasoning on the basis of your analysis.

A local QA company has decided to approve a laser health care system for general surgery without doing any testing, because they trust the well reputed international company. Look at this from several points of view: the QA company, an individual in QA, the customer, the development team, the team leader (e.g. should s/he tell the customer?)

Question3. What is privacy? Explain how data merging, data matching, and data mining threaten privacy in the context of cyberethics. Use suitable examples in your discussion.

NOTE: Format your assignment according to the instructions given in the Assessment Information and Presentation sections.


The assessment item is designed to help you to build skills towards achieving the learning objectives, by requiring you to:

•    Apply the ACS Code of Conduct to the analysis of an ethically questionable situation to determine the rightness or wrongness of actions/decisions made therein;
•    Make a recommendation on the basis of your analysis using the ACS Code of Conduct
•    Critique ethical issues related to privacy.
•    Legal issues raised by current practices involving ICT;
•    Apply the APA referencing style.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions