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Research Critique: article "High-Tech" homecar

I attached the guideline and article.I want 3 implication of the research article , purpose of the study and strength and weakness of the study.
RESEARCH CRITIQUENameInstitution AffiliationProfessorDate of SubmissionResearch CritiqueThis is a research critique on the article ‘High-Tech` homecare: overview of professional care in patients on home parenteral nutrition and implications for nursing care. The purpose of this article is to outlined in the preamble as captured on the first point on –Aim, as it were, the context of the article is on the quality, quantity and content of care given to home parenteral nutrition dependent patients by various professionals in the Netherlands. It therefore gives a background of what home parenteral nutrition entails, and how it should be conducted – methodology.Further, it presents the bare facts of the experiences if nurses who administer home parenteral nutrition as well as those of the home teams and how barriers to effective homecare can be identified. Importantly also, the article gives the perspective of the patients as a way of interrogating the adequacies and inadequacies of home parenteral nutrition care by presenting their satisfaction or dissatisfaction thereof. In addition, the study, apart from bringing out the bottlenecks it also gives an indication of the way forward in respect to those impediments.There are some implications of home parenteral nutrition HPN to the nursing practice as en...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions