Response to Christina Tillson

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Response to Christina Tillson


You did a Journal club paper for me assessing research. Now i will attach 2 other peoplles journals I need to ask them appropriate journal questions.

You will summarize one article using the Journal Club Template and then interact with others in the Discussion***** as if you are actually in a journal club, asking and addressing appropriate questions. DO respond to the 4 articles listed.

Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature.

*** also on the paper yopu wrote for me can you answer this? I work in a small hospita ER............ Thank you for your post, Sara. Interesting study. What did you take away from the study? What did you learn that you can use in your own practice after reading this?


Journal Responses Name: Instructor: Institution: 29th April 2015. Response to Christina Tillson This is an absolutely commendable job especially on the detailed approach you take on each step. It is particularly interesting to note the connection between your study problem, research question, hypothesis and significance of the study to nursing. You have done quite a great deal to illustrate the significance of enhanced teamwork in healthcare as vital in preventing patient errors.


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions