SM4008/LD4008 International Business: Contexts and Challenges

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This assignment is an INDIVIDUAL piece of work. It represents 80% of assessment and of the module mark. Students are required to select ONE of the questions below and produce a two-part 3500-word essay.


  1. Internationalisation

    Part 1: Conduct a comprehensive literature review of recent scholarly work (last 10 years) on paths to internationalisation.

Part 2: Using an example company, describe their path to internationalisation, highlighting how this path fits with or deviates from the literature on internationalisation. Based on the case, provide recommendations on how companies can prepare themselves for expansion into new markets, link your recommendations to literature in part 1.


  1. Corporate Political Activity in Host Countries

    Part 1: Conduct a comprehensive literature review of recent scholarly work (last 10 years) on corporate political activity in host countries.


Part 2: Using one industry as an example, demonstrate how companies within this industry engage in corporate political activity. Provide a recommendation on how companies can engage in corporate political activity when operating abroad. Link your findings to the literature reviewed in Part 1.

  1. Cultural Distance

    Part 1: Conduct a comprehensive literature review of recent scholarly work (last 10 years) on the impact of cultural distance in international business.


Part 2: Provide an example of a real-world company and briefly describe a scenario in which cultural distance presented a challenge to their internationalisation. Provide recommendations on how companies may navigate cross-cultural risk when operating abroad. Draw on the academic literature explored in part 1 in your case analysis and recommendations

Assignment Guidance Notes


Writing and submission instructions:


  • The word limit for the assignment is 3500 words. See below for what is excluded from the word count.


  • An electronic version of your assignment must be submitted via the Turnitin FINAL SUBMISSION link.



  • Write your analysis as a piece of business communication in essay style, including any illustrations you think are useful. Make sure all data sources used are properly explained and referenced.    


  • Avoid first person usage (I, we, us) in the report.

Instructions on crafting your Assignment:


  • This is a research-based assignment. The assignment requires you to demonstrate that you understand how to appropriately analyse the academic literature and any relevant theories.
  • Your analytical discussion must be supported by a significant number of information sources as well as theory. You are free to gather the information you need from different authoritative sources to make your argument.


  • You should be thorough and detailed in your analysis, and should fully explain and justify all the points. However, there is a balance to be sought between a mass of detail and a thorough, yet relatively concise reasoning. Thus, your writing must be clear and concise.


  • Append only relevant information to support your discussion and analysis in the main body of the report. Appendices should be properly organised and the reader referred to the appropriate appendix at the appropriate point in the text.


  • Cite sources of all researched data and theories/concepts/models on which your analysis is based so as not to be flagged as plagiarism.  Use APA referencing style.


  • NOTE: Referring to the Assessment Criteria at the end of this assessment brief may help you craft your submission well..

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