Spermatorrhoea, background review by Hollic

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Spermatorrhoea is a disease that results from immoral sexual acts. The disease is an indication of social decadence and psychic problems. According to Pick (1989), psychic social problems results from anxieties and psychological disorders. Hollic (1884) indicates that young males with high sexual desires indulge themselves in excessive sexual activities leading to unwarranted sperm loss. It is normal for young males to experience sexual urge but they ought to control their actions. Lombroso (1911) indicated that psychological lapse due to anxiety may force the victim to engage in an uncontrolled behavior or action.


            According to Hollic (1884), Spermatorrhoea is too much loss of sperms by male humans. It is a condition that male humans starts experiencing in their youthfulness and worsens as they grow up. It is a serious health condition that hinders normal growth and development among the youths and later escalates to a dangerous disease in their mature lives. Spermatorrhoea causes loss of vigor among men through reduction of the sexual urge which leads to sexual frustrations and unfulfilling livelihood of a mature man. The excessive sperms loss may occur due to indulgence immoral activities, whether alone or otherwise, or it may take place without the knowledge of the individual. The effects are however more or less the same in the entire circumstances of occurrence.

It is common for semen to escape involuntarily from a man body from time to time. However, some cases of seminal losses are injurious to the human body and are less likely to be noticed. In some cases, the seminal loss is not detected and some men suffer from unforeseen disease which later wretch their lives. Insanity and premature death are some of the most common effects of undetected and untreated spermatorrhoea. The disease is not confined to a particular age group but rather it is caused by the environmental or social sorrounding of an individual (Hollic, 1884). According to Rafter (1988), personal defects have a direct relationship to the environment or the social set up of the person.

Why Spermatorrhoea was a Problem

            Hollic (1884) listed spermatorrhoea as a problem due the untimely deaths and insanity that occurred as a result of the condition. The condition weakens the nervous system to excessive loss of energy through seminal loss. Hollick indicates that constant seminal loss leads to malfunctioning of the brain and other vital organs leading to death or insanity of the victim. The major distress of this condition is that the victims have little knowledge about it. Usually the condition occurs due to over indulgence in sexual activities as a result of physiological lapse. Hollic does not however establish the origin or the circumstances leading to the problem. According to Dugdale (1877), any human behavior arises from the nature of environment surrounding him or heredity.

Spermatorrhoea was big problem since it wretched an individual’s life without any detection. Some of the symptoms such as constant urge to relieve the bladder were actually ignored by the victims and instead assumed to be less serious. Another problem relating to the disease was that potential victims were not aware of possible adverse consequences from their over indulgence in sexual pleasures. People had little knowledge about the condition and hence had very low suspicion of harm arising from their immoral activities such as constant masturbation. Additionally, spermatorrhoea could also occur in legitimate sexual activities and still stay undetected. The deterioration of heath that occurred to unknowing victims was astonishing and control of the problem was little due inadequate information among the people (Hollic, 1884).

How Hollic convinced people it was a problem and his persuasive strategies

            It was very difficult for Hollic to convince people that the root cause of their different health problems was spermatorrhoea. This is because many people had little knowledge about over indulgence in sexual pleasures. People denied relation of their problem with their artificial sexual pleasures. Hollic tried to convince people through practical explanation of the matters at hand. In the case of spermatorrhoea, he practically explained the functionality of the male reproductive system. Hollic used lengthy explanations and provided supportive evidence to signify how spermatorrhoea could have led to serious body complications and organ malfunctioning. He told the people that the main problem for the condition was that it could develop unnoticed and eventually lead to deadly consequences (Haynes, 2003).

The author through his extensive research documented a lot of cases where excessive seminal loss had led to vital health problems. He taught the people on the effects of this condition through practical examples. He documented extensive cases to serve as evidence and provided structured information in books for people to read. Hollic told the people that they may fail to be subjects of venereal diseases such as syphilis which are more visible but may suffer from unnoticeable diseases.  Hollic organized lectures in different regions to educate people on the causes and effects of the disease. In his lectures, Hollic used practical evidence in order to convince his audience (Haynes, 2003).

Assumptions about male body functions

            According to (Haynes, 2003), Hollic had various assumptions regarding the functions of the male body. Hollic held that the testes are the main source of energy for the human male body. The functions of the testes are assumed to have close ties with the functions of other major male body organs. Hollic assumed that malfunctioning of the testes would result to devastating problems to other vital organs of the body. He argued that the energy produced during the emission of sperms is too much and usually slows the activities of the nervous system. Hollic further assumed that proper functioning of the male brain largely depends on the amount of sperms produced and held in the testicles. Loss of sperms would consequently slow functioning of the brain and such continuous loss would lead to insanity or death of the victim.


            The essay has established the causes and effects of spermatorrhoea among men. It has been established that most men who suffer from the diseases have little knowledge about it.  It is hence necessary for men to control the emission of sperms from their body to avoid the wrath of the disease (Hollic, 1884).

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