The organisaton that you work for, which is located in Australia (any type of business/company), has decided to set up a branch in Singapore

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Human resource Planning, Recruitment and Selection

Human Resource Planning, Recruitment and Selection Assignment Question : The organisaton that you work for, which is located in Australia (any type of business/company), has decided to set up a branch in Singapore. As the Human Resource Director, develop a recruitment and selection plan for your Company that will help ensure that it hires only the most suitable individuals for the new branch in Singapore. Criteria : Introduction Organization of report/Company background Tables/Charts/Diagrams/Illustrations Research/Findings/Calculations Recruitment Plan Sources of Recruitment Methods of Recruitment Selection Process Interpretations Application of concepts Conclusion Recommendations Referencing & Reference list
Running Head: Human resource Planning, Recruitment and SelectionInsert NameInsert Course TitleInsert Instructor`s NameDate1.1COMPANY BACKGROUND INFORMATIONDelaware North was incorporated in 1915. It was initially named after its founders as Jacob Brothers. The current Company`s name was put into use in 1980 with its core objective being the provision of food service and hospitality management to its clients. Currently, the company provides corporate dining, conference, public catering and sales banqueting. The Company incorporates various branches in different regions including Australia, New Zealand, and UK.Since its incorporation, the Company has performed magnificently and its operations have been expanding and it has included train stations, airports and resorts in its service provision. The hospitality department is being configured in major landmarks like Yosemite National Park, Grand Canyon and Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex among others. This has gone along way in providing the clients with serene environment and therefore large numbers of clients are attracted (Devanna 1984).The company`s vision is to achieve the standard of a well preferred product and service provider which will satisfy the consumer`s needs and also ensuring the shareholders of the Company are well catered for in terms of there returns.The Company`s mission is to ensure that the highest consumer satisfaction is guaranteed; the drive is to be the best industry in the economy; to provide excellent services and products to the clients; maximize returns and mange responsibly; and also to promote culture embodied with creativity, stability and integrity.The business structure of Delaware Company international is as shown.SINGAPOREHOSPITALITY & CATERING1.2MANAGEMENT PHILOSOPHYOver the years the Company has been in operation, its major managerial philosophy is to ensure complete satisfaction of the various individuals. For instance, the Company ensures that the employees are well remunerated in order to boost their morale, shareholders returns are well construed, and the customers are provided with excellent services both in food and hospitality services (Dessler1999).The managerial implication is to meet the strategic goals set by the Company and one way of doing so is by ensuring that the various personnel are well catered for. In some instances, management should incorporate any technological advancement prevailing in the economy for it to be more competitive.1.3HR PHILOSOPHYThe Company`s Human Resource philosophy is to provide for high respect for individuals. For any success in the organization, various personnel have to be treated with high code of respect. Generally, the HR management aims at optimizing the human potential and in order to realize the maximum returns. It dos not encourage gender discrimination but fosters equality in the employment of individuals. The Company`s strategy is to employ individuals who have the preferred qualifications and this will ...

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