TLH343 Leadership and Management for the service sector

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1. A critical understanding of the role of Leadership and Management Development.

2. A critical understanding of leadership and management approaches when managing an industrial workforce.


3. The ability to discuss equality and diversity issues which can occur across industries.

4. The ability to critically analyse challenges experienced in the industrial workforce.

Assessment: Essay Task: Produce a critical essay around an area of contention linked to leadership and management issues experienced and applied to industry.

It will assess learning outcomes 1 - 4 and contribute 100% of module marks.

Assessment Guidance: You are required to research extensively and work independently on a topic that is of your own interest. To conduct your research, you must choose a specific organisation related to either hospitality, tourism, or event sector. You need to critically examine the role of leadership and management development from the organisational point of view. Critically analyse the different leadership styles and management approaches and evaluate the impact they can have on the organisation you have chosen. Furthermore, you need to discuss various issues related to equality and diversity along with other leadership challenges. Based on the findings, you then need to provide some recommendations for further studies and/ improvement.

Some of the previous topics were:

1. Green managers and the development of sustainable managers

2. Women management and the challenges to face them

3. Pay inequalities between genders of managers (gender pay gap)

4. Difficulties when leading and managing across cultures

5. Challenges to face BAME managers

6. Challenges to face managers within the 21st century

7. How technologies are changing management style and growth of virtual leaders

Essays must be word-processed or typed and correctly referenced throughout. Your name and student ID should be printed on the front page of the essay along with the topic. You should also include a front cover with your name displayed, use headers and footers, and page numbers.

Presentation You must adhere to the prescribed word count limit to avoid any penalties. Your word count excludes table of title page, table of content, any appendices and reference list/bibliography. The total word count must be stated at the bottom of your title page. Please note falsifying the word count is classed as an academic misconduct. You must use Arial 12 font and double line spacing for your essay. Never underestimate the difference a good presentation makes, and always proofread your assignment.

Assessment Regulations For further information regarding Assessment Regulations, extenuating circumstances or extensions and academic integrity, please refer to your Programme Handbook on the University of Sunderland in London information page on Canvas Reading List There are a number of textbooks that will provide valuable background, and you should search through journals that are available. 

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions