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Training refers to the act of increasing people’s skills or knowledge by teaching them, in relation to various disciplines of life. Training programs are very important for employees. Such training programs can be termed as a form of intervention by Human Resource Managers. Though the main goal of such programs is to improve the performance of the organization, they promote effective development of employees generally which results in improvement the firm’s development capacities. Apart from increasing their level of knowledge and skills, there are other benefits acquired for various programs.

Through training programs, two different capacities of outcomes can be achieved. It could be at a personal level, or at an organization’s level. At the personal level, factors dealt with include: Salaries, emotions, ranks and perception. On the other hand, at the level of an organization, some factors dealt with include: product quality, product quantity and team work by employees. Through attainment of these outcomes, an organization’s operations are made better.

There are various outcomes expected from the attendance of training programs by employees. The outcomes are depicted through various forms of improvements in the employees. Employee motivation acts as a drive for them to participate in training programs, employees yearn for knowledge and are prepared to apply towards improvement of their performance. There are programs that are designed with the aim of addressing motivation issues in employees. Such programs enable people to understand various theories of motivation. With this understanding, people are made aware of how behavior of employees is determined by their motivation, and the applications, by HRD, of motivation theories.

Job enrichment refers to the medium of motivation used by HRD, employees are given responsibilities that are meant for people at higher ranks than those they are at .A fact is stated that, there is need for organizations to maintain and guard their employees as a workforce investment. This ensures the future success of the organizations in all instances, including when restructuring the organization or downsizing it, as stated by Kenneth De Meuse in his study. Training programs assist in job enrichment for employees. This is done through putting into consideration the skills, abilities and knowledge of individual. Through this, mentoring and coaching is done to promote positive behavior and attitudes in individuals, eventually promoting the organization of work places.

I expect positive changes in the performance of employees who attend training programs.

Some of the improvements I expect to see are: positive changes in the employees’ behavior, and good and easy interactions with colleagues. Employees who have undergone training are able to develop an initiative-taking culture, which promotes innovation and responsibility. This definitely boosts their job performance. In doing so employees also emphasize on team-work and co-operation among colleagues. This brings about effectiveness in the running of an organization.

Training programs aim at improving employees’ knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) to perform and attain their job requirements. The KSA package is important because it determines the success or failure in the job performance, through various tasks and behavior. These factors combine, resulting in a feeling of desire to perform what is required of employees, due to the occurrence of instrumentality beliefs. Training programs by HRD professionals are considerate of individuals’ level of skills and differing needs of employees, and their content,



when selecting and assigning employees different programs, as stated by Richard A in his book, ‘Foundations of Human Resource Development’.

For all the positive effects training programs come hand-in-hand with, it is necessary for

HRDs in various companies to take up the system. This is definitely one of the best strategies for attaining desired goals by companies/ organizations.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions