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!) Explain what is  Information Technology  ATG?

2) Mention what is the core of Information Technology  ATG?

3) Explain what is a droplet in Information Technology ATG?

4) Explain what is a component in ATG?

5) Explain what is a Nucleus in ATG?

6) Explain what is ATG component scope?

7) By using what sign in the configuration files does nucleus properties are processed?

8) Explain how you can create a JSPs in ATG or JSP page is processed in ATG?

9) Mention what are the types of Pipeline in ATG?

10) Mention what is the default Scope of a Component?

11) Mention what are the two methods in a component?

12) Mention what is the difference between FormHandler, droplet and servlet?

13) Mention the Advantages of DAF?

14) Explain what are the performance issues with ATG?

15) Mention what are the two types of cache that ATG repository maintains?

16) Explain what is ATG DPS? What are its elements?

17) Mention what are the scope of Dynamo Components?

A summary to responding to this question would be

The scope of Dynamo Components are

  • session
  • request
  • Global

The default scope is Global

18) Mention what is the main difference between JSP and DSP tag libraries?

19) Explain what if the ATG applications are deployed on a cluster of servers?

20) Mention what is the difference between dsp and dspel tags?

atg.repository.QueryBuilder interface defines?

22) Mention what is the advantage of Nucleus in ATG?

23) Explain how can you embed the output of a Java servlet (an ATG servlet bean) in a JSP?

24) Mention in order to use custom ATG servlet beans with the ATG Control Center what is required?

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions