Unit 1 Principles of Management and Leadership R/506/2070

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  1 Understand leadership and management theories and principles

1.1 Characterise the concepts and nature of management and the function of leadership
1.2 Evaluate concepts and definitions of leadership and their influence on management
1.3 Evaluate the influence of effective and ineffective leadership and management on team behaviour and business performance
2 Understand leadership styles
2.1 Analyse the characteristics of different leadership styles
2.2 Evaluate the suitability of different leadership styles for different purposes and situations
2.3 Evaluate the factors that affect the suitability of different management styles
2.4 Evaluate the ethical dimensions of leadership styles
3 Understand motivation and empowerment
3.1 Analyse the relationship between job satisfaction, commitment, motivation, empowerment and business performance
3.2 Evaluate the implications of motivation and empowerment for an organisation’s structure and culture
3.3 Analyse the implications for employee relations policy of a strategy that empowers a workforce
3.4 Analyse the principles underpinning a reward strategy
4 Understand the management of performance
4.1 Assess approaches to performance management and appraisal
4.2 Assess the factors involved in managing a work-life balance and their implications for individuals
4.3 Evaluate the use of tools and techniques to measure human resource interventions
4.4 Identify areas for improvement through reflection on their own practice

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions