What are the three main issues about gender and onflict?

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Gender relations and conflict three main issues

Format:(1 page ONLY,double spaced,readablefont,which is a response to a question about the readings.)The readings sourcses only online. Gender and Conflict: What are the Main Issues? 1) United Nations Women http://www.unifem.org/gender_issues/ 2) United Nations http://unstats.un.org/unsd/demographic/products/indwm/ 3)World Health Organization: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs239/en/ 4) Oxfam Canada http://www.oxfam.ca/what-­‐we-­‐do/themes-­‐and-­‐issues/womens-­‐equality/16-­‐facts-­‐ about-­‐gender-­‐based-­‐violence 5)Find a different international organization: This are the question what I have to answer it. Question: What are the three main issues about gender and onflict? What are these the most important? What are three other issues? Are any of these connected together? Instruction:read all material first. Be specific rather than general in your answer. Think and assess diverse aspects of the question. Respond from the readings rather than whether you agree or disagree, unless you are sure it adds to the paper. There is no ‘correct` answer, as there are many ways to answer the questions. The answer is not a summary of the topic. The papers need to be well structured, clear, precise and well written. Plan the paper to avoid rambling. Avoid words and phrases such as: in my opinion,in the readings the author said, it could be said that, that the topic is too large to discuss adequately... etc.
GENDER RELATIONS AND CONFLICTName:Course:Professor Name:(January 19, 2012) Gender Relations and Conflict: The three main issues about gender and conflictWomen are less involved in war than men. On the contrary, they experience much pain during these conflicts. There are various issues, which concern gender conflicts. The first issue is inadequate security on women in cases where the rule of law has fallen. Two, there is normally women abuse by the armed groups. Lastly, there are also cases of women being abused by personnel security of the state. These issues are very important because women together with children constitute many refugees who run away from conflicts. Inadequate established community structure protection and formal systems of justice make women ...

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