What, in general, is the difference between a primary and a secondary source? What sort of source is a writer like Herodotus, the Greek historian?

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The Origin of the Information, Empires and Dynasty, Deborah and Tomyris, Mesopotamia and Egypt


use " A history of world societies volume 1 to 1600" to answer the question. Write an essay for each of these questions. Be sure to answer all parts of the question. Answers should be at least ¾ of a page, double-spaced. I have provided a list of sources among presentations and readings where you might find material to answer these questions. Please do not use this sheet for your answers. In particular, do not try to plug them into the boxes in the rubric charts. Those are only to aid you in forming your essay. 1. What, in general, is the difference between a primary and a secondary source? What sort of source is a writer like Herodotus, the Greek historian? What kind of sources do we have for Harsova? Describe one item that is a primary source for this village. What sorts of sources does ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Israel, Assyria, Persia, India, and China have in common? Choosing one archaeological source and two literary sources from any of these civilizations (three examples total; they can be taken from the same or different civilizations), discuss any strengths and weaknesses of those sources. WRITING PAPERS ON ANCIENT, MEDIEVAL, AND EARLY MODERN HISTORY; Presentation Aug. 25, 30, Sept. 1, 6, 8, 13; Blackboard Readings 1-7; Also, many passages in McKay refer to artifacts, texts, and other sources. There are too many to list. These may also be used. Types of sources Harsova Common Sources Examples __/10 % 2. What conditions led to the rise of the Assyrian Empire, Zhou Dynasty, and Mauryan Empire? What ideas and institutions did these kingdoms use in keeping control over their states? What forces brought about the demise of each empire? McKay 55-56, 80-84, 96-101. Presentations Sept. 6, 8, 15. Blackboard Reading 6 Assyria Zhou Maurayn rise control demise rise control demise rise control demise __/12 % 3. What different political circumstances produced the story of Deborah and that of Tomyris? How did Deborah and Jael “transgress” the boundaries of patriarchal society? What was the attitude of the writer of Judges (the book the story is taken from) to these “transgressions?” What sort of people were the Massagetae? Why would a people like this allow a woman to rule them? Is there indications in Herodotus that the notion that a barbarian woman would defeat an able military king was significant? Confucius emphasizes the “Superior Man.” In our selection of the Analects, is there any place for a “Superior Woman?” Support your answer. McKay 51-52, 57, 103. Blackboard Readings 3, 7; Discussion Sept 6; Discussion Sept. 20 Political Conditions Deborah, Jael, Judges Massagetae, Tomyris, Herodotus Confucius __/10 % 4. Describe at least four differences between the lands and institutions of Mesopotamia and Egypt. Describe a similarity and a difference in how creation is conceived of in “Enki and the World Order” and “Creation by Atum.” Presentation Sept. 1; Blackboard Reading 2; McKay 32-47 Difference 1 Difference 2 Difference 3 Mesopotamia Egypt Mesopotamia Egypt Mesopotamia Egypt Difference 1 Similarity Difference Mesopotamia Egypt Enki Atum Enki Atum __/12 %


Essay Questions Your Name October 11, 2016 Your Institution of affiliation 1. The main difference between a primary and a secondary source is the origin of the information. Primary sources come directly from the informant himself, while secondary sources are those which are just passed down and being retold. A good example of the first one is a personal story delivered by an individual to his autobiographer. For the second one, a good example would be a story about the grandfather`s experien


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