What is the aim of this study?

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Managing Osteoarthritis: Article Critique, The Aim of Study


Article Analysis #1

Read the article “Managing Osteoarthritis: Comparisons of Chair Yoga, Reiki, and Education (Pilot Study).” Provide a hard copy to the instructor along with the analysis. The analysis should range from 3 to 5 pages excluding a cover page and reference page.  It will count for 10% of the total grade.Provide the name of the journal, publication year, volume number, and key words. (1 paragraph)

 What is the aim of this study?  (1 paragraph)

 Provide a summary of a theory or conceptual model and describe it. (1 paragraph)

 Summarize the literature regarding what previous research studies reported about Yoga and Reiki. (1/2 page)

   Describe the type of research:

 a.   Is this study basic research or applied research? Provide the rationale and evidence for your response.

 b.   Is this qualitativequantitative, or mixed method research? Provide the rationale for your response.

 c.   Is this cross-sectional or longitudinal research? Provide the rationale for your response.

 d.   Is this descriptiveexploratorypredictiveexplanatory, or evaluation research? Provide the rationale for your response.

 List the research questions. (1 paragraph)

 What type of research design did the researchers use? Provide a rationale for the design. (1 paragraph)

 Identify the intervention(s) used in the study. (1 paragraph)

 Describe the sample recruitment process, including inclusion and exclusion criteria. (1 paragraph)

 10.  Describe the sampling method (how were the participants recruited?).

 11.   Report the main outcomes of the study related to each research question. (1 paragraph)

 12.  What instruments (standardized measures) were used to measure the outcomes? Describe each instrument, including reliability and/or validity scores. (1/2 page)

 13.  Briefly summarize the study findings. (1/2 page)

 14.  What are the implications for future research and policy and for social work practice? (1/2 page)? 


MANAGING OSTEOARTHRITIS Student`s Name: Professor`s Name: Institution: Date: Article Critique The name of the journal from which the article is derived is Holistic Nursing Practice. The journal was published in 2011 and its volume number is 25. The key words from the abstract of the article include: osteoarthritis, Reiki, yoga, and Holist Nurs Pract 2011;25(6):316-326. The aim of this study was to determine whether chair yoga and Reiki techniques affect pain, physical functions, and depressive states in comparison with an exclusively educational and discussion program in older adults suffering from osteoarthritis (OA). The study is based on a theoretical framework known as the gate control theory of pain. The gate control theory of pain is based on the understanding that chronic pain has both mental as well as physical elements. Pilkington, Kirkwood, Rampes, and Richardson (2005) define yoga as a harmony creation therapy. The researchers posit that the therapy brings about a state of harmony between the mind and body in order to maintain health and a state of well-being in an individual. Normally, yoga consists of five major principles: (a) adequate relaxation, (b) adequate exercise, (c) adequate breathing, (d) adequate diet, and (e) meditation. Interventions using yoga therapies have been extensively studied in several populations, and have been found to play a significant role in reducing stress and depression. For example, a certain study seeking to eva...

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