What was the thought process behind your decision?

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Wharton Business School MBA Admission Essay

Here is the link to the essay: http://www.wharton.upenn.edu/mba/admissions/application-requirements.cfm#a3 I need help in writing the last three essays: 2. Reflect on a time when you turned down an opportunity. What was the thought process behind your decision? Would you make the same decision today? (600 words) 3. Describe a failure that you have experienced. What role did you play, and what did you learn about yourself? How did this experience help to create your definition of failure? (600 words) 4. Discuss a time when you navigated a challenging experience in either a personal or professional relationship. (600 words) Info for question essay 2: Although I enjoyed growing up in Indonesia, I realized in high school that I could gain far greater personal and intellectual fulfillment by studying abroad. Therefore, I decided to go overseas to pursue my education, and US was my first choice. However, since I graduated high school when I was still 16 years old, my mom wouldnt let me to go to US, he sent me to Australia instead, where I can be with my sister. I only agreed to move to Australia, because my mom promised me that when I turn 18 or 19, I can transfer to US if I want. Thus, on the end of 2008 I applied to 5 colleges in US (Bentley University, Babson College, Fordham University, Binghamton University, and Northeastern University) as transfer student and I got admitted to all of them and accept the acceptance offer from Northeastern University. While, I was really excited and thrilled, because I finally get what I want, I realized that transferring to US will cause me extra 1.5 year of college because of the difference in curriculum. A week later I decided to turn it down, and finish my education in Australia. Now I am 20 years old, and I just graduated college last december. I am happy with my decision to stay in Australia because by graduating young, I have more time to pursue higher education and my career goal later. Perhaps, it was just the right decision for me for that time. I enjoyed my entire years at Monash University, and I did learnt many valuable things there, academically and many others as well. Now I am applying for MBA to pursue my dream of studying in US and will not make the same decision again because: 1. I have waited for 1.5 years 2. I turned down the acceptance offer 1.5years ago because I have better plan, which is to finished by bachelor then get my MBA in US. 3. The situation was not like before. I am older and more mature. I have graduated from college. 4. This is the right time for me enter MBA program because: Even though people will who work first after they get their bachelor degree before continuing their education and get their masters degree, I have different plan for myself. I want to first pursue my education to the highest level I can then concentrate on my career, so that there would be no pause in the process of me achieving the highest level of my career goal. Info for essay number 3: I have not made any mistake professionally. And as far as I know, I have not make any major failure personally. However, like most people, I have made some minor mistakes. I never really see failure as failure. I see failure as an opportunity to do (something) better. If I made a mistake or fail to do something, I`ll be more thorough and precise the second time I tried, and I`ll try even harder the next to prevent anymore mistake or failure. I also see failure as a process of growing. With mistake we learn. I am a hard working, goal oriented, ambitious and positive person. I would not stop until a do something perfectly. So mistake will just make me even stronger and give me encouragement to make things even better. Info for essay 4: (To writer: I am not sure whether this might be considered as a challenging experience or not. If however you think I should find another challenging experience please e-mail me so that I can try to think of another challenging experience). It happened during the period of September to December 2009, when my parents, who had several businesses of their own in the property, retail and F&B, were processing the openings of their two new Juice&Smoothies Bars in Bali Islands in Indonesia, and they asked me to help them working on the pre-opening process and in the first year operation of the stores. They wanted me to get firsthand experience and opportunity to learn and understand the business operation, from the preparation process up to the launching and grand opening, and the daily operations thereafter. For this new business division, my parents recruited new team to be trained and developed to handle the daily business operations. For these two new stores, we hired one Store Manager, four Supervisors/Team Leader, and twelve team member, to cover the fourteen hours of store operation from 08:00am to 22:00pm, in seven days a week. Plus myself as the Operation Manager who will work together with the Store Manager, with responsibility to achieve sales target of the store. The challenge is: the newly recruited Store Manager is my ex high school mate. We were quite a close friend whilst in high school, and after graduating high school she continued her studies to a University in another city, and I went study overseas in Melbourne. But we did keep contacting each other by e-mails and text messages time to time, especially when I went back home during school holidays. The funny thing was, we never talked about plans and things about works we wanted to do. And actually at that time, it was not on my plan to help my parents with working in their new business operations. I didn`t know that the new Store Manager recruited by the Management was actually my long time best friend Ruth Wijaya. And neither did Ruth know that the Company belonged to my parents, and that the Operation Manager would be me. So the first time when were introduced, we both got a little bit shocked and it was going quite awkward! What I imagined at that moment was, how would Ruth be feeling to work with me as her direct superior? And how would it be, and how should I better do to have my best friend work with me as my subordinate, more over because I was being a daughter of the Company`s owner? I didn`t know how Ruth felt at that time indeed, because, somehow, as if we both had silently understood each other that we`d better never talked about that any further. We both just exclaimed how very exciting it would be for both of us to work together! I did talk with my parents about that situation, as I needed their advices indeed, especially because of the high responsibilities in my position, and would only want the whole works run smoothly so that we could achieve target successfully in a team. My parents` advice to me was quite simple. That I should not worry about that all, and that I should be able to make working with friends become fun and exciting instead, as were quite young so must see any challenge in positive manner to be able to overcome it. I just needed to be myself, work with her nicely in the right direction, learnt to knowing and respecting position and responsibilities of each other, and to be fully understood our different role and position to achieve the same target of success in the team. It`s was very true. I should not need to worry, because working together with best friend could be exciting too, but it depends on how the involved individuals, with their strong understanding of each other, directing themselves in the right and positive manners, comfortably. I highly appreciated Ruth for being truly herself as my best friend and my best teammate in the work ever!.
Wharton Business School MBA Admission EssayEssay 2 In 2008, I remember turning down an admission offer to join Northeastern University, US. Declining the opportunity was a major drawback to my childhood dream of studying abroad. Though I appreciate the great experience I had growing up in Indonesia, I realized later in high school the great personal and professional fulfillment I could have gained if I studied abroad. Thinking of studying abroad, US remained my main choice after graduating from high school. However, being only 16 years old at the time, my mother could not allow me to go to America, alternatively sending me to study in Australia where I could stay with my older sister. She promised that I will transfer to US after reaching 18 or 19 years old. Turning 18 in 2008, I successfully applied for 5 colleges in America namely; Bentley University, Babson College, Fordham University, Binghamton University, and Northeastern University. With excitement and thrill, he opted to join Northeastern University, but later opted to let go the opportunity as transferring to finish my studies in US could cost me extra 1.5 years in college owing to curriculum difference between the two nations. During this time, timely completion of my studies remained the most important consideration that influenced by decision to finish my undergraduate studies in Australia. Studying for an extra 1.5 years to complete my undergraduate degree seemed an undue option to me. I think perhaps this was a good if not a perfect decision for me at that time due to two major reasons. First, now I am 20 years, having completed my studies last year. Graduating at this young age provides me with a competitive advantage; in terms of time and chances to pursue my career goals. Secondly, staying longer in Australia to complete my college studies at Monash University was an invaluable experience both academically, culturally, and socially. I enjoyed the opportunity to interact, learn and appreciate the socio-cultural lifestyle of the Australian community. With determination to pursue my life dream of studying in America, I am applying for admission into your MBA program, lest assured that I will not turn down such an offer this time round. Just to appreciate is the fact that the situation now is not like before. I am now old and mature enough to live independently. In addition, having already completed my college and not pursuing any other course, getting the opportunity to join MBA in US will not force a dilemma in my life. Although many people opt to seek employment before joining graduate studies, my plan in life is quite different. I prefer acquiring the highest possible academic qualifications before engaging i...

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