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Annotated Bibliography for Population Policy

Please finish rough draft on 30th Oct. Just need to finish (40%) Thank you Please do the annotated Bibliography for the Population Policy, the research paper that you just finished for me. Eng 103 Murphy 1 The Annotated Bibliography Even though you are still figuring out your topic, it`s time to practice and get started, now that you have completed your source evaluations. You will almost certainly revise this bibliography for your final paper. Why a bibliography? The bibliography helps readers who want to build on your work. Annotated bibliographies are especially useful because we can decide if we want to use those sources as well. In addition, we can track your in-text or numerical notes back to your bibliography and find the information we need. Which format? Most of you will probably use the MLA Works Cited format for your bibliography. However, if you are writing about the social sciences or sciences, use the APA. (The sciences actually each have their own formats, but APA will do for this course.) If you aren`t sure about this, let me know. Your text and the Pierce College Library website have models of bibliography formats. There are many more on the Web as well. If you have odd sources that might be hard to document, check out: http://www.pmla.org/altsource.html Purdue`s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is one of the oldest and best sites on the Web for writing information. You can read up on annotated bibliographies at http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/614/01/ There are annotated bibliography samples at http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/614/3/ However! Their examples of annotations are much too long. Keep them to a few sentences. Annotations should be three or four lines at the most, not as long as the ones in the example below. Summarize the source briefly and then assess it in terms of what it offers for your subject. Don NOT use first person. This is about the sources, not you! If you use a program for formatting, be careful! One of your DQs discussed different formatting programs out there. Some are better than others, and they change from year to year. Make sure to check your format! Other Requirements:  Include an MLA-style heading and header. See the example MLA paper in the Course Information module for an example.  One double space under the title “Works Cited” (MLA) or “References” (APA) write “Thesis:” and then include a thesis question or sentence. (Remember that you will turn your question into a sentence later.) Double space again and begin your bibliography.  Include at least 10 sources. You must use at least two journal articles or newspaper sources, two books (online are fine), and two credible, scholarly Web sites.  At least one source must be something you from ProQuest, which you can find on the Pierce College Library page.  Don`t include frivolous sources.  You are not committed to these sources. This is just a beginning. 50 points =============
Name:Instructor:Course:Date of submission:POPULATION CONTROL POLICIESPopulation control is the practice of artificially altering the rate of growth of a human population. While population control can entirely be based on improving people`s standards of living by giving them greater control of their reproduction, some programs have been subjecting them to exploitationEager, P. W. (2004). Global population policy: From population control to reproductive rights. Aldershot, Hants, England: Ashgate.The study is meant to explain why the population control fails to be the center of global population policy as well as the reason health and reproductive rights has turned into the major focus. It is aimed at a wider range of audiences even those in field relations, development politics and women`s studies. Zorea, Aharon W. Birth Control. Santa Barbara, Calif: Greenwood, 2012. PrintThis book examines controversies linked with birth control methods in United States. The source explains about the issues concerning access to education regarding, and birth control practice have contributed a great deal in social, religious as well as political debates about the topics as differed as rights of women. It can be used to follow direction even in other parts of the world.Aird, John Shield. Slaughter of...

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