Why does group cohesion seem to matter within a terrorist organization?

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Explosive Incident Assessment

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Working head: Literature and languageStudents name:Tutor:Institution:Date of submission: 1 Explain how efficiency stands out in regards to terrorist achieving their goals.Terrorist activities are usually smooth and very efficient; this is because they are well organized. One of the major reasons as to why they are so efficient is that they always claim not to be responsible for their actions; they will only accept that they are responsible once the media is aware of what is going happening. Another reason is that they are usually underground groups and their leaders do not step forward or come out publicly easily. Furthermore, some governments will often welcome the terrorists into their territories and offer them protection as long as they are well paid (Cicero, 1993). For example Algeria used terrorism activities to raise capital. Another thing that comes into play is that some of the people who are supposed to protect the people are among the terrorist groups, thus it becomes difficult to handle them as they are usually well informed of what is going to happen or is happening. 1 Why does group cohesion seem to matter within a terrorist organization?Terrorist groups are usually formed with an objective, and its cohesion and integration plays a major role. Since terrorist groups are illegal groups, the members are supposed to agree to the terms stipulated within the specific group. Cohesion is important as it helps coordinate and organize its activities effectively. These groups pride themselves in a particular behavior and certain characteristics that only they know. It is good cohesion that enables the group to go around its businesses well without getting interferences. 2 Describe how terrorists derive their ideological assumptions.Terrorists usually are formed to fight against something that they don`t want or lack of a satisfaction about something or simply just want to extort the government and the public at large. Basically there are seven psychological approaches that have been used in an effort to try and understand terrorists (Cicero, 1993). They include frustration aggression, trait, psychoanalytical, developmental, narcissism aggression and rational choice. Terrorist groups derive their ideas from the environment within them and the dissatisfaction that they have in a government. This is due to facts such as guilt, fear, hostility, not being manly enough, depression among others. 3 Define ‘collective rationality`.It can easily be described as the process of making decisions within an organization collectively and giving it meaningful thought. This helps in yielding principles that are concerned with giving solutions that have equilibrium. 4 How does the terrorist tendency to become impatient determine various actionsMore often than not terrorists will become impatient with the progress of their job. For instance, if they had taken hostages and want ransom which delays in one way or another, leads to the terrorist to de...

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