Write an annonated bibliography.

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1. Write an annonated bibliography. Finding sources comparing and contrasting the cultural values and practices informing traditional Indigenous and Western biomedical healing systems in Canada. Each source needs to include traditional Indigenous and Western biomedical healing systems. Your annotated bibliography should include each of the following perspectives:Indigenous, biomedical, psychological, sociological, historical, anthropological & philosophical. Each source needs to be a page long, cited with the perspective labelled. No quotes allowed. The annonated bibliography needs to include the following: •Explanation of the main purpose and scope of the cited work •Brief description of the work`s format and content •Theoretical basis and currency of the author`s argument •Author`s intellectual/academic credentials •Work`s intended audience •Value and significance of the work as a contribution to the subject under consideration •Possible shortcomings or bias in the work •Any significant special features of the work (e.g., glossary, appendices, particularly good index) •Your own brief impression of the work
AboriginalsStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:AboriginalsDolson, M. (2011). On the Possibility of a Synergy Between Indigenous Knowledges of Health and Healing and Western Biomedicine: Toward a Phenomenological Understanding. PlatForum (Vol.11). Philosophical Perspective – The main purpose and scope of the article is to provide an argument that the possibility for a proper synergy between biomedicine and traditional knowledge of health and healing at the clinical practice level might be difficult to sustain. The author states that this is primarily because of the major philosophical differences between the two healing systems. The author points out that many traditional understandings of health and healing are spiritual in origin and/or maintain a spiritual or symbolic element. As such, it is difficult to determine their effectiveness against empirically driven scientific values and standards. He states that there are clear differences between biomedicine and indigenous healing systems, which may hinder the possibility for their sustained and successful integration. He outlines the major philosophical differences with particular attention on the concepts of health and disease. The basis of the author`s argument is that, indigenous medicine understands health as a dynamic process resulting from constant transactions and negotiations with fellow humans and other non-human persons of the spirit and physical world. Ill health on the other hand, is the result of specific power relations at the social, political, cosmological and interpersonal levels. Biomedicine does not recognize any kind of relational philosophy and ignores this interconnectivity of worlds. Instead, it is based on the complementarities between the philosophies of reductionism, individualism and naturalism. Mark S. Dolson holds a PhD from Western University in London, ON, Canada. The intended audience for this work includes Aboriginal professionals, professionals in indigenous health systems, biomedicine professionals and the general population. The work is significant since it provides a philosophical approach towards the understanding of traditional healing systems in relation to biomedicine. The possible shortcoming is that the author focuses on the difficulty of integrating both approaches in today`s health system, without stating any solutions. My impression is that the author has provided a very distinctive and informative approach towards the understanding of traditional health and healing systems in relation to biomedicine.Hill, D. (2003). Traditional Medicine in Contemporary Contexts: Protecting and Respecting Indigenous Knowledge and Medicine. Ottawa: ON. Aboriginal Health OrganizationSociological perspective – The research focuses on assessing the impact of biomedical technology on traditional medicine and healing practices of Canada`s aboriginal communities in today`s contemporary Canada. The author stresses on the importance of protecting and respecting the traditio...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions