Howard Gardner - Multiple Intelligences Critical Thinking and Clinical Judgment Skills
Introduction According to Fero & O’Donnell (2010), critical thinking in nursing for clinical choice making is the aptitude to contemplate in a methodical and comprehensive way with sincerity to query and imitate on the cognitive procedure used to safeguard sound nursing practice and quality care. This paper emphasizes multiple intelligences and the way critical thinking and clinical judgment skills can be nurtured in a new nurse mentored by a senior nurse. Moreover, multiple types of intelligence with personal experiences are defined and the outcomes of this mentoring process are identified. Read more
Strategic Management and Marketing Strategic Management and Marketing
Report Maximum 2500 Words Grade marking The University uses a letter grade scale for the marking of assessments. Unless you have been specifically informed otherwise your marked assignment will be awarded a letter grade. More detailed information on grade marking and the grade scale can be found on myCourse. The guidance ‘fact sheet’ is available at the Faculty Reception Points Read more
Ports Roles as Logistics Hubs - Maritime Logistics Ports Roles as Logistics Hubs - Maritime Logistics
Southampton Solent University Assessment Brief Maximum 2500 words Read more
Environmental Improvement and Management Plan on Air Pollution Environmental Improvement and Management Plan on Air Pollution
Introduction Air pollution is regarded as significant problem, which arises due to operations of organisations. It is noticed that businesses does to consider effective environmental programs that are necessary to make sure that sustainable and healthy atmosphere is maintained. In this paper, air pollution is discussed which can be controlled by making use of effective environmental plan. Action plan for implementing and monitoring environment improvement program is provided in the paper along with the discussion on environmental management system. This system is considered as the most effective means as it helps the firm in making their day-to-day operations effective in terms of environmental aspect. Moreover, corporate responsibility for British Petroleum is also elaborated in the paper with external reporting requirements for air pollution. Read more
Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics
Question 1 Stakeholder and their Interests Stakeholder is one of the most important parts of any organisation particularly for those that are operating globally for the reason that they have to execute their duties viably in order to help the organisation to attain their set gaols and targets. In the considered case of BP, the stakeholders might involve in the process of offshore oil spill of Gulf of Mexico that can be separated by both external and internal stakeholders. Moreover, it is not in the interest of British Petroleum to pay additional amount money than the amount that they previously paid. However, paying additional amount could varnish the firm and other competitors might absorb it, or they just could go into insolvency might be dissolved. The simple reason that can encourage BP for paying additional money is to advance their company image, though they are previously spending many resources in this in a diverse manner, which has nothing to do with the issues (Dion, 2012). Read more
Introduction to Sociology Introduction to Sociology
Objectives of module: 1. To introduce learners to the foundations of sociology. 2. To enable learners to understand the basic principle themes within sociology. 3. To encourage readers to engage with sociological literature. 4. To outline the history of sociology and its relevance to current academic study and to present-day society. 5. To enable learners to gain a basic understanding of sociological perspectives and methods. Read more
Ethical Consumerism Ethical Consumerism
Executive Summary This report is revolving around the conception of ethical consumerism and it highlighting the importance of it for businesses. Ethical consumption is a significant factor to be considered by organisations because it has a tendency to influence the buying behaviour of consumers along with the profitability and position of the business. For this purpose, Marks and Spencer are selected in the report, which is regarded as the leading ethical high street fashion retailer. The discussion and results of online surveys support the point that ethnic values must be linked with operations of the company because customers now care for the process used in the production. Read more
Integrated Management System Integrated Management System
Executive Summary The integrated management system is the system, which is used by organisations in order to manage the totality of its procedures so that objectives and goals can be met along with the satisfaction of customers and other stakeholders. It is analysed that an integrated management system combines all the features of a business into one system due to which the operations and management become convenient and easier. The organisation that is selected in this paper for integrating management system is Production Engineering Solutions, which is a member of the Subcon engineering show. For implementing an integrated management system, PES, which is already certified to ISO 9001, has now planned to integrate ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 with the former standard. Moreover, the paper also illustrates the point that although there is the difference between these standards, their integrated proves to be very beneficial for the organisation. This is because it considers all the important features that are quality management, environment and health and safety. Each of these standards has their own specific speciality such as ISO 9001 emphasises on customer satisfaction while ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 focuses on the satisfaction of customers as well as other stakeholders. Therefore, the senior management team could implement an integrated management system because it would help in reaching the objectives through proper procedures, strategies, and policies. Read more
Coaching and Mentoring Coaching and Mentoring
Table of Contents 1- The Context of Coaching or Mentoring Practice 1.1- Introduction 1.2- Define Coaching and Mentoring 1.3- Differences between Coaching and Mentoring 1.4- Similarities in Coaching and Mentoring 1.5- Individual Barriers Coaching or Mentoring and overcoming it 1.5.1-Operational and Organisational barriers and overcoming it 1.6- Case of NHS 2- The Skills Behaviours, Attitude, Beliefs and Values of the Coach or Mentor 2.1- Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviour of an Effective Coach or Mentor 2.2- Why Coaches or Mentors Require Effective Communication Skills 2.3- The Responsibilities of the Coach or Mentor to Manage Relationships 3- The Role of Contracting and the Process to Effectively Coach and Mentor 3.1- Process to be Followed When Formally Coaching or Mentoring 3.2- Rationale for and the characteristics of effective contracting within coaching or mentoring 3.3-The Role of Stakeholders in Coaching and Mentoring 3.4- Rationale for Supervision of Coaches 4- Understand the Principles of Effective Coaching and Mentoring in Practice and How to Evaluate Benefits 4.1- Elements required for effective and integrated coaching or mentoring 4.2- Benefits of Coaching or Mentoring References Read more
Employment: The European Dimension Employment: The European Dimension
This paper is aimed to discuss the progress of European Union for dismantling gender inequality in the context of employment. The paper is examining the recent EU legislation, policy issues with social and economic challenges faced by men and women. For this reason, certain comments on the solutions and development of EU can help alleviation of gaps in inequalities within employment. The European Union is referred as the European Economic Community consisting 27 member states. It was established by the Treaty of Maastricht on in 1993 on the foundations of the European Economic Community. It is then merged to improve the economic, political, and social interrelation among people residing in these countries (Walby, 2004) Read more