China as an Asian Strategic Power China as an Asian Strategic Power
Introduction China is the making efforts in order to become the great power in the world. It is noticed that the re-emergence of China as the great power in the next few years demonstrates that primary strategic challenge for the United States and Japan security alliance. The largest shift is expected in the global distribution of power due to rise in the economic, geopolitical, and military influences of China. Moreover, China is considered as the Asian strategic power because it is expanding and making efforts to provide different opportunities such as trading to other countries. They are also focusing on maintaining healthy competition with the different countries particularly the superpower that is the United States. The aim of this essay is to evaluate the Xi Jingping’s statement “new kind of great power relations” along with the assessment of China as the Asian Strategic Power. Read more
Business Plan-Management Accounting Business Plan-Management Accounting
Introduction Business plan is regarded as important for the organisations because it provides them with an overview of the costs and returns associated with the operations. The organisation for which business plan is prepared is the manufacturer of sports goods who is dealing with its products in the national, local, and international markets. The sports products are regarded as luxury products and their demand depends on the seasons such as their demand is more at the time of sports events such as Olympics. In this plan, important calculations and descriptions related to the considered business are provided for providing an overview of the expenses and revenues. Read more
Diploma in Accounting Costs and Revenues (CSTR) Diploma in Accounting Costs and Revenues (CSTR)
The format of the tasks in this Practice Assessment is similar to those that will be provided in the AAT’s Computer Based Test for this unit. Whilst completing this assessment, students are advised to provide themselves with a supply of scrap paper to be used for the purpose of making notes and calculations / workings. This information can then be transferred (preferably typed rather than handwritten) into this document. Once you have completed the Practice Assessment, you should save your work and upload this document for marking via the relevant link in your Submission Area (which is found in the ‘My Courses’ menu on the VLC) Read more
Fundamentals of sport and exercise science A physiological comparison of passive versus active recovery on subsequent performance
A physiological comparison of passive versus active recovery on subsequent performance 1250 Words The assignment for the physiology section of SES 1243 will focus on answering the research question Read more
IT Issues Faced in the Implementation of Magento in BGK IT Issues Faced in the Implementation of Magento in BGK
Abstract In a globe where milliseconds matters, constructing an e-commerce solution for uttermost performance is crucial. Consumers in the online sphere have developed progressively impatient, and slower response periods can shake transformation rates. Not only online dealers but companies that are still not offering online services such as BGK also need an e-commerce solution that can produce more and adapt speedily to changing e-commerce needs. In this particular project Magento would be implemented as a web based application for the procurement of the concerned business needs of BGK. Magento Enterprise Edition is intended to encounter and go beyond these requirements, offering flexible, powerful e-commerce platform that can easily scale as their businesses grow. Proper configuration of Magento Enterprise Edition together with applicable hardware and software mechanisms will prepare dealers with the tools required to meet their business needs (Parsons, 2001) Read more
Corporate Reporting: Not Just Profit, Not Just to Shareholders Corporate Reporting: Not Just Profit, Not Just to Shareholders
Introduction The IIRC’s long term vision is a domain in which integrated thinking is entrenched within the typical business practice in the public and private sectors, expedited by Integrated Reporting IR as the corporate reporting standard. The phase and rotation of integrated thinking and reporting, ensuing in efficient and productive capital apportionment, will act as a force for financial constancy and sustainability. After the idea of a worldwide collaborative frame on integrated reporting, which was germinated in late 2009 finally was officially adopted and became a reality in the mid of 2010 Read more
Small Business Management-Case Study Small Business Management-Case Study
Introduction In the current social media focused environment, it is crucial that small businesses comprehend Facebook, Twitter, and the strategies behind using social media for mounting their business. It is also essential for a small business to produce remarkable strategies so that it survives in the competitive market. Unfortunately, many small businesses do not have a strategy when they begin using social media. The purpose of this study is to understand how the owner of a small business, recognised for using social media to grow the business, uses social media to engage consumers, in order to enhance and grow business efficiently and effectively Read more
Motivation and Reward System Tesco & Oil and Gas Company Motivation and Reward System Tesco & Oil and Gas Company
1. Give specific examples to assess the link between motivation and reward system within Tesco and oil and Gas Company Read more
Psychology for Health and Social Care Psychology for Health and Social Care
Introduction This paper is based on the core idea of “Psychology” that is often used for the “Health and Social Care” of an individual. Moreover, this considered paper entails three different tasks; the first task particularly focused on the different theories of life span development, the second task specifically discuss the social and biological elements of an individual attitude that is displayed in the context of health and social care. In addition, the third and last task entail different psychological theories that are applied for the purpose of health and social care practice Read more
Framework of Investigation Framework of Investigation
Critically consider whether the recommendations made by Sir Michael Bichard concerning intelligence-sharing between police forces should be extended to include other agencies such as social care, the NSPCC, health authorities and schools. Read more